​The booking fee includes these complimentary goodies to use during your stay in Spinks Nest:

Firewood for the wood-burning stove

Candles for mood lighting the cottage and bath

Aesop toiletries - hand washes in bath and kitchen, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toilet scent drops

Haeckels scent incense cones

Bar essentials - G'n'T (Fever Tree tonics), port, whisky, bagged ice, lemon / lime

Fresh essentials - milk, bread (typically from local artisan bakery Sidings),  fruit, biscuits, butter.

Pantry essentials - coffees (ground / instant / Nespresso), black / herbal teas, sugar, sweetener, preserves,  oil and vinegar.

Face and bath towels, tea towels, bed linen, hammam / beach towels

Jo Malone bed linen scent spray